As a small business, it can be extremely difficult to find your unique voice in your niche business category and marketplace. And then successfully reach your targeted audience. 

Consumers’ lives are saturated by advertising on a daily basis. So how can you create brand personality and make your business heard? One answer is podcasts

Podcasts are increasingly being integrated into brands’ content marketing strategies. Do you know why? It is advertising which offers businesses the opportunity to create an intimate rapport with their current customer base, and potential customer base.

Need further convincing as to why podcasts are here to stay for B2C and B2B advertising? Here are more reasons as to why your business needs podcasting to establish a more solid relationship of trust.

Let your targeted audience hear your business’s most intimate voice

Podcasts allow you to create a voice and personality for your brand. This in turns allows you to build an intimate relationship with your customer. 

It’s tailor-made content that is thoughtful, informative and will make you stand out amongst your competitors. By speaking directly to your customer it allows consumers to feel more empathetic towards your brand. And it lets them see another side of your business.

Grow your targeted audience with interviews

Securing an influential guest who has a large or loyal following can be a great way of broadening your audience. Guests who are not directly related to your subject matter might offer a unique point of view give you the opportunity to entice new listeners. 

More importantly, guests are willing to share the content via their social media channels. That will give a real boost to your business visibility and strengthen brand validity.

Interviews also offer the opportunity to invite your clients to the podcast. They, in turn, can talk about their business, and how your business has helped them grow, in their own words.  A verbal testimonial, as it were.

Reach your targeted audience without them even thinking about it

What makes podcasts truly unique as a content medium is the fact they don’t require undivided attention. This is note the case with lots of other media, such as video. 

Podcasts are easily consumable content. You can speak to your targeted audience while they are going about their daily lives: driving, cooking or commuting. Podcasts allow listeners to multi-task while they listen to your podcast podcast.

When used wisely podcasts are a powerful tool in a small business’s content marketing strategy. They allow companies to directly speak to their consumers in a personalized way. Podcasts a clever way to create a trusted relationship between brand and customer.

Business to business, or business to consumer, podcasts are now an important part of your business’ overall marketing strategy.

Recorded in Studio C at Channel 511, in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH.