Get a podcast audit from professionals who’ve worked with podcasters

There is no “correct way” to podcast.

But there are guidelines and best practices to follow. Every podcast format has its nuances. And these are not always clear.

A podcast audit from our experienced team of podcast creators and podcast consultants will help you get clear a picture on

  • what’s working
  • what’s not working
  • what you need to continue to do
  • where you can improve
podcast planner paper

So what is a Podcast Audit?

A podcast audit is a comprehensive review of your podcast, designed to help you get clarity.


What are your goals?
What is your podcast strategic plan?
How well-defined is your podcast audience?


Is your feed working properly?
Are you “everywhere you get your podcasts”?
How well is your podcast website serving you?


Are your show notes displaying correctly?
How and where are your promoting your podcast?
Are your calls-to-action effective?

Sound improvement

Are you editing content to keep listeners engaged?
How is your audio quality?
What are your recording techniques?

And so much more


  • Podcast Strategy & Implementation Plan specific to your podcast
  • Full review of podcast covering all the areas mentioned above
  • Review of your last two episodes
  • 30-minute discovery session to discuss your podcast
  • 90-minute strategy session to discuss findings and areas to improve
  • 30-minute follow up session on what you’ve implemented
  • Detailed PDF with survey findings
  • Video recordings of all sessions