Monthly Podcast Listening Now at 37%

More than one-third of Americans age 12 and over (104 Million) Consuming Podcasts Regularly, up significantly from 2019 According to The Infinite Dial 2020® from Edison Research and Triton Digital SOMERVILLE, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Podcasting awareness and consumption in the U.S. continue to rise, according to the most recent information from the Infinite Dial 2020® from Edison Research […]

Your Podcast Communication Strategy During Emergencies

Creating a podcast communication strategy, and therefore having a way for you to keep yourself out in front of people when everybody is withdrawing, could be a very powerful opportunity for your business. You can be a calming voice during recession, depression, a natural disaster, or as we are experiencing now, an international health emergency. […]

BBC Studios joins public media leaders with new investment into PocketCasts

PRESS RELEASE — March 3, 2020 New York NY, USA—As podcasting continues to grow, the world’s largest public media entities are joining forces to ensure that consumers get the best listening experience with new investment into Pocket Casts. Acquired in May 2018 by a number of U.S. public media institutions, Pocket Casts is a globally available […]

The Podcast Academy

Podcast industry leaders come together to launch The Podcast Academy, and announce annual awards and professional development program. PRESS RELEASE — February 17, 2020 Los Angeles CA, USA—Leaders across the podcasting community jointly announced the formation of The Podcast Academy on Feb 14, a new membership-driven not-for-profit organization of independent podcasters and industry professionals dedicated to […]