Podcasting allows you to tell your story.

Adding podcasting to your marketing mix allows you to tell your story with more power than in text alone.

Your business’ story is what separates you from your competition. It shapes your past, present and future.

What Is A Podcast Consultant?

As the importance of podcasting continues to grow, Circle270Media™ Podcast Consultants offers our podcasting skills to new and existing podcasters.

But what is it that podcast consultants offer? And when you’re looking for podcast expert help, what should you look for?

These are among the many consulting areas we work with our clients:

  • Overcoming the mindset and time-constraint problems that deter podcasters from launching a podcast or continuing to podcast
  • Determining what the podcast will achieve
  • Exploring and pinpointing the correct type of podcast format
  • Planning strategic podcast content to consistently and effectively publish episodes
  • Refining the right podcast presentation skills to engage your listeners and grow your audience
  • Producing podcast content with repurposing in mind
  • Implementing effective promotional strategies

Podcasts fit perfectly into listeners’ tight attention economy.

We live in an age of information overload, where attention has become the most valuable business currency.

Podcasting allows listeners to multitask as they consume content, making podcasts part of their daily habits.

Business branding, business message control, and audience targeting are the key elements of podcasting.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, happily helping clients worldwide

Circle270Media™ Podcast Consultants is Ohio’s first full-time podcast consultant, working with businesses to develop, launch, and optimize podcasts into their marketing strategy.

Own your story. Engage and interact with your customers and clients. Grow your brand and business with your own podcast!

Take the first step by contacting Brett Johnson, owner of Circle270Media™ Podcast Consultants, today at podcasts @ circle270media.com.

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The award-winning podcast consultants at Circle270Media™ have over 40+ years of experience in…

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Content Creation

  • Creative Monetization

  • Broadcasting

  • Professional Audio Production

We strategically bring these together with podcasting.

What They’re Saying About Us

“When we started working with Circle270Media and Brett, our aim was to create a communication tool to educate our clients. Our relationship has blossomed into more! Brett helped us see how our podcast was not just a podcast, but an essential part of our vision. The Spirit of EQ audience is the better for the work Circle270Media has done. In the end, that’s what’s most important.”

Eric Pennington, Spirit of EQ Podcast

“Podcasting is an incredible medium – exciting, informative, resourceful! With the guidance and mentorship of Brett Johnson and Circle270Media, I have had the opportunity to be part of two successful podcast programs. Our newest venture, Looking Forward Our Way podcast program, is a culmination of Brett’s vast experience and network, targeting new audiences, and utilizing new technologies. Brett’s clear understanding of marketing/branding/social media, and their dynamic relationships with the podcast industry, provided us with a strong framework and solid goals. Standing out among thousands of podcast programs could be daunting, but Brett and Circle270Media can make it happen for you!”

Carol Ventresca, Looking Forward Our Way

“Working with Circle 270 Media was an incredible experience. Being able to hand off recorded episodes freed up my time and ensured they were properly edited. The icing on the cake was the support I received including guidance and all of my questions answered – from making the process of recording easier to what mic I should use. I will definitely be working with Circle 270 Media again this year.”

Yasmine Robles, The Digital Hustle Tribe

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