Ten questions to ask yourself before you start a podcast.

Are you ready to start a podcast?

Is this what do you want to do? So figure out what will you talk about. And the content you like consuming will typically work best in your podcasts.

So what’s going to give you the energy to create, to create, to create, to create?

You can can pivot from that original content idea strategy as well. I don’t think the well always dries up. Because if you have the right topic, it can continually regenerate itself. But take a look at how flexible that content will be. 

What type of host are you?

Are you the expert? Are you looking at being a solo interviewer? Do you love chatting with guests. Or are you a journalist? Many reporters pursue podcasts because they’re losing their jobs and they still want to be a journalist. So they start a podcast for that reason. 

What equipment do you need to start a podcast?

The basics are that you are going to have to have a microphone recording and editing software, or DAW.

You’ll need a quiet place, or a recording studio where you can record.

Do you want to co-host?

Do you want guests? That kind of goes back to the expert interview style. 

How often will you be publishing your podcast?

How often can you generate? Sometimes that depends on how long your episode is. How long do you want that content to be? And the longer the content, the more likely that you will publish fewer times per month or per week. It takes longer to produce a longer piece of content.

How do I publish my podcast?

Basically, the easiest way is just working with a podcast hosting platform. There are other ways of getting around it and utilizing website hosting. But first, safety and peace of mind, a hosting platform probably is the best way to go. 

How will you grow your audience?

Think about how do you want to do that. There are many, many ways, and many, many people who will tell you the best practices of how to grow your audience. There are guests that you cross promote with other podcast hosts, the press itself, have a launch party. And of course it comes down to you. You have to promote yourself

How can you monetize your podcast?

Do you want to monetize your podcast? Some podcasters don’t monetize. They’re using their podcast to promote themselves, promote their business. And they’re not making a dime from their podcast. Others, they’re using that podcast to possibly promote a new book, promote them being a great interviewer and they want to look for sponsors.

There are many, many different ways to monetize a podcast. 

What metrics should you use to measure your podcast?

Success? Growth? That’s another reason I use a podcast hosting platform, because you can get some details about when people are downloading, how many downloads going into different podcast players. You can use Apple Podcast analytics to find out how long people are listening to your podcast. As well as just maybe where people are listening. And when you publish, how evergreen is that episode. In other words, do listeners find older content and listen to it. And can older content be promoted over time.

Lots of different metrics to take a look at, depending on the content that you’re creating. 

So those are 10 things to keep in mind before you jump in.

If you’re missing one of the 10, should you jump in?

It’ll come. I think you just need to be aware that you should have some answers to those questions, especially the content. And how often you want to publish. And what you’re going to be doing with the podcast.

Those are the big things. And realize you don’t have to be married to it. With my podcast, I’ve gone solo. I have had guests. I like the guest situation, but I have no problem just opening the mic and and talking as well.

Recorded in Studio C at Channel 511, in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH.

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