Podcast genres refers to the broader category or categories that your podcast falls under

There are many different podcast genres and subgenres. Certain podcasts might fit into several genres at once, resulting in a hybrid combination of style and content that caters to a wider audience.

Here’s a brief overview of popular podcast genres:

True Crime: Focus on real crimes, often featuring interviews; popular for new perspectives and production quality.

Business: Features successful entrepreneurs or experts, offering insights into the business world; includes interview and solo formats.

Self-Improvement: Interviews or expert hosted focusing on topics like psychology, productivity, and wellness experts, providing life advice.

Comedy: Includes interviews with comedians or solo formats with stand-up routines and satirical content.

Sports: Features interviews with athletes or sports experts; covers sports events, commentary, and discussions.

News: Solo or dialogue format covering daily news events; includes interviews with journalists or experts.

Interview: Conversations with interesting people from various niches; aims to motivate and provide behind-the-scenes insights.

History: Interviews with historians or solo/dialogue format covering historical events.

Fiction: Narrative or interview format based on stories or novels; known for high production values.

Music: Interviews with musicians or solo formats educating listeners about music.

Help potential listeners find your podcast

Identifying the genre of your podcast will help guide you in creating content within those boundaries while still maintaining a unique perspective within the niche you’ve chosen.

That’s correct! The podcast genre is an important aspect of creating and marketing your podcast.

By identifying the genre that your podcast falls under, you can effectively target and attract listeners who are interested in that specific theme or topic. It also helps potential listeners discover your podcast when they search for content related to the genre they enjoy.

When choosing a genre for your podcast, it’s essential to consider both your own interests and expertise, as well as what audience you want to reach. This will help you create content that not only aligns with the chosen genre but also allows you to bring a unique perspective or voice within that particular niche.

Additionally, understanding the broader category of your podcast can guide you in selecting guests, structuring episodes, and even monetizing opportunities. It provides a framework for organizing and promoting your content effectively.

Ultimately, identifying the right genre for your podcast sets clear expectations for potential listeners and helps them decide if it’s something they would be interested in listening to. So take some time to explore different genres and find the one that best represents the focus of your show!

There is no “correct way” to podcast. However, there are guidelines and best practices to follow. Every podcast format has its nuances. And these are not always clear.

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  • where you can improve

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