Organizations like Chambers of Commerce should consider starting a podcast for their Chamber because it offers several benefits.

Increased visibility

A podcast can help increase the visibility and reach of your Chamber, allowing it to reach a wider audience.

Establishing expertise

By creating a podcast, Chambers of Commerce can establish themselves as connectors and provide valuable insights and information to their audience.

Building relationships

Podcasts provide a unique opportunity to engage with an audience and build relationships with current Chamber members, future Chamber members, Chamber partners, and other key community stakeholders.

Cost-effective marketing

Podcasts are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and provide valuable content, compared to traditional forms of marketing such as advertising.


Starting a podcast for your Chamber can help set it apart and differentiate it from other Chambers of Commerce in your area or region.

In short, podcasting can provide Chambers of Commerce with an opportunity to connect with their audience, build their brand, and achieve their business goals. Want to learn more about how to start? Set up a time with Circle270Media Podcast Consultants today!

Business Inspires Podcast

One great example of a Chamber of Commerce podcast is Business Inspires. Circle270Media Podcast Consultants helped create this podcast with the TriVillage Chamber Partnership in 2017. It was groundbreaking as the first of its kind in Central Ohio.

In this episode spotlight of Business Inspires, we feature a conversation with Laura Oldham, owner of Starburst Media.

Starburst Media is a digital marketing company that specializes in working with small businesses on their website, copywriting, and social media needs.

Laura discusses topics including:

The business of digital marketing.

“There’s really not any predictability, which is something that I thrive on, the constant stress of what might pop up day to day. That’s something that I really like about having my own small business.”

The changing nature of a small business.

“When I started I thought it was just going to be copywriting and social media because that’s what I had all the experience in. But every single business that came to me and that I talked to, they all wanted help with their websites. Every small business needed even the simplest website.”

Helping other small businesses.

“At the very beginning the whole goal was to be able to help people like my parents, both of whom own their own small businesses. The big issue that they had was they would want a website but developers would charge them a ton and not be willing to help them when they needed to make small changes. So what I wanted to do was come up with a way to basically empower these small business owners to make changes themselves.”

Listen to find out about the first website Laura made, for which she got paid in bacon, and how she and her husband fell in love with Columbus during a visit on ComFest weekend.