Interview Valet presented the annual State of Podcast Guesting 2022 at the Podcast Movement Conference, one of the largest gatherings of podcasters in the world.

Interview Valet has been the leader in Podcast Interview Marketing, coordinating over 50k targeted podcast interviews for their clients. Tom Schwab, the Founder of Interview Valet, gave the annual insight into the largest database of its kind at Podcast Movement for the fourth consecutive year. “We are a people-driven company, but we make decisions for our clients based on data,” Schwab said.

Here are some of the surprising trends in Podcast Guesting.

‘Let’s record a podcast’ means jumping on Zoom.

76.4% of all podcast interviews in the first half of 2022 were recorded on Zoom. Skype, which accounted for a majority of interviews pre-pandemic, now accounts for less than 2%

Podcasts are recorded mid-week

70% of podcasts are recorded mid-week (Tu-Th), with less than 2% occurring over the weekend. This starkly contrasts with trends seen during the COVID Restrictions of 2020-21, when hosts recorded all week long.

Being interviewed on leading podcasts means waiting 2+ months to be heard

The mean time between

  • Invitation and Recording is 40 days
  • Recording and Airing is 32 days

Look good when showing up to a podcast interview

74% of podcast interviews included video. This is up drastically from 2019 when pre-pandemic less than 1 in 5 incorporated videos.

Most shows are Podcasts, not Paidcasts

Less than 5% of podcasts charge guests with a CPM of $25 to $150.

Data used for this study came from Interview Valet’s proprietary database for episodes aired from January 1 to Jun 30, 2022. Limitations of this study include Interview Valet’s focus on business, entrepreneurship, leadership, finance, investing, and health/wellness shows. All shows included were in the top 20% based on estimated downloads. This data may not be indicative of other categories or smaller shows.

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