As entrepreneurs, the podcast interview format can be a powerful tool

They provide valuable insights not just for us, but for our audience across various platforms. Your website, social media, blog or podcast.

So how do we conduct an exceptional podcast interview? Let’s start with understanding the benefits.

The benefits of the podcast interview format

An interview serves the audience by providing valuable information and insights. It’s not just about us, the interviewer. It’s about delivering meaningful answers to our audience.

It’s not just about asking questions, but asking the right ones

Preparation is key. Do your homework before the interview. Researching your podcast guest and their background helps you ask relevant and engaging questions.  Open-ended questions encourage detailed responses. While follow-up questions allow us to delve deeper into specific topics.

Creating a warm and welcoming environment is crucial. You want your podcast guest to feel comfortable, to create a space where they can freely express themselves. This involves active listening, giving space and opportunity for the interviewee to share their thoughts without interruption.

Remember, an interview is a conversation, not a rigid question-and-answer session. It’s about being fully engaged. Be attentive. And most importantly, open to the tangential side stories that often hold valuable information.

What makes a podcast interview exceptional?

An exceptional interview is one where the interviewer

  • shows genuine interest,
  • asks unique questions and
  • maintains consistency across multiple interviews.

A terrible interview, on the other hand, is one where the interviewer

  • is unprepared
  • lacks knowledge about the podcast guest.

The most important aspect of a podcast interview format, done correctly, is balance. The interviewer should not dominate the conversation. It’s about a balanced and equal exchange between the interviewer and interviewee.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a podcaster, or just someone interested in conducting effective interviews, remember these tips. And if you’re ready to join us in the podcasting world, we’ll see you there.