You need a strategy to get more reviews for your podcast. Apple doesn’t publicly disclose a lot of information about how their podcast rankings work.

And if you think about it, that makes sense. If they did, many podcasters (and marketers who sell to podcasters) would try to “game” the system. This would devalue the entire thing.

Here’s what we instill in our podcast clients from the very start.

Forget about ratings and rankings. Podcast reviews are what we want to focus on.

Podcast reviews…

  • offer feedback on what your listeners like (or dislike) about your podcast  

Here are the most powerful ways we at Circle270Media Podcast Consultants suggest to our clients to get more reviews (and secondly, more ratings):

1. Make an amazing podcast to get more reviews

There’s no point in asking for or even getting reviews if your podcast is horrible. Make your podcast so good your audience will want to write a review without being asked.

2. Read reviews in your podcast

Turn your audience into celebrities by sharing their reviews—even if only excerpts—on your podcast. Thank those people by name and especially point out if their review was from outside your own country. 

3. Have fun

Inspire some creativity, suggest a question they should answer, or do something entertaining based on the review!

get more reviews for your podcast

4. Make it easy

Instead of giving complicated, single-platform instructions in your podcast, point your audience to a webpage with simple instructions and a link that launches the podcast app directly to your podcast.  This can be done through Please Review My Podcast tutorial. Outside of iTunes, we suggest creating and promoting a Google My Business page for the podcast.

5. Offer an incentive

Hearing their name in your podcast may be enough incentive, but you could also offer to link to their website, give a shoutout to their project, or host a giveaway.

6. Use your negative reviews

It might hurt to receive a negative review, but learning from and sharing it on your podcast often inspires your fans to rise up to support you.

7. Be strategic with calls to action

Deliver a good podcast first, and don’t overwhelm your audience by asking them to do too many things. Consider putting your request for reviews in a rotation of calls to action. Or make it part of an automated email sequence.

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