The Podcast Index is an open podcast directory that provides incentives for app developers.

“Podcasting 2.0” is a new podcast meant for the three stakeholders of podcasting – creators, listeners, and podcast app developers.

Adam Curry - the Podfather
  • The Podcast Index offers an alternative to Apple’s “centralized, private entity” and yellow-page podcast directory, Curry said.
  • It promises a core, categorized index that will always be free and available for any use. 


The core, categorized index will always be available for free, for any use


Podcast Index LLC is a software developer-focused partnership that provides tools and data to anyone who aspires to create new and exciting Podcast experiences without the heavy lifting of indexing, aggregation, and data management


The core Podcast Index is financed by its founders and stakeholders: Podcasters, Developers and Listeners

Corporate interests and advertising are antithetical to our business

Podcast Index LLC strives to grow by providing enhanced API services of value to developers and organizations

Mission and Goal

Preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech

Re-tool podcasting to a platform of value exchange that includes developers with podcasters and listeners

Developer? Join the fun!

API Documentation is here. Sign up for an account and get API keys at: https://api.podcastindex.orgWe build in the open. Get active in the Github repos. Shoot us an email at:

Help us out…

None of this is free. If you get any value from this project, or if you just believe in it and want to help us out with hosting fees and paying the bills, a donation of any amount would be great.

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