Backed with over 30 years of media management, sales and content creation, Circle270Media provides:


First and foremost, customized consulting, advising, and coaching.

Strategic development, targeting, creation and publishing of your podcast. 

Secure hosting platform for all podcast audio.  All audio produced is and remains the property of podcaster for perpetuity.

RSS feed customization sent to all major podcast players and aggregators, including Apple Podcasts.

RSS feed customization to feed your website audio player, or can provide embeddable player.

Monitoring for targeted podcast players and podcatchers.

Analytics, including Play Details, Likes, Sources, and Geolocation.

Links for social media use.

Access to professional recording studio.

Access to royalty-free music for podcast production.

Access to voice talent for podcast production.

Audio editing and finalizing for podcast publishing.

Secure audio storage of all audio and episodes.

Podcast audio as “video” friendly format, to post on podcaster video channel(s), and video friendly social media channels.

Transcription of podcasts for blogging purposes.

Private Slack channel for more efficient conversation and workflow.

Listing and promotion on Circle270Media Network website.


From idea generation, to media production, to revenue generation, bringing your media presence full circle.

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