"The One Year Advantage"


You want to make an impact in your business industry or niche. Being intentional and focused on your business' branded podcast is critical to your long-term success. With decades of broadcasting experience, our team of professionals give our clients the "One Year Advantage."


Don't let bad audio spoil great content. We are here to make podcasting easy and sound professional, by bringing all the necessary professional recording resources to your production.


We are a full-service podcasting consulting company. Our podcast consulting services include content marketing, branding, and audio production. We work with any size business looking to elevate an existing branded podcast, or start a new one. From episode one, you'll sound like you've been podcasting for a year. That's our "One Year Advantage."


What Makes Us Tick

The podcast consultants at Circle270Media have decades of experience in Content Marketing, Content Creation, Audio Production/Recording, and Broadcasting. We strategically bring these worlds together with podcasting.

We work with businesses to publish professionally produced audio content, with a targeted audience in mind.

Podcasting allows you to tell a story, your story. Your business’ story is what separates you from your competition. It shapes your past, present, and future.

Adding podcasting to your marketing mix allows you to tell your story with more power than in text alone.

Your company can also use podcasts to grow your network. Many podcast shows and episodes revolve around having guests in an interview or conversation. This format allows your company to develop influential relationships with thought leaders in the industry and keeps the podcast interesting.

The best part—podcasts fit perfectly into our tight attention economy. We live in an age of information overload, where attention has become the most valuable business currency. Podcasting allows people to multitask as they consume the content, making podcasting easy to incorporate into their daily habits.

Own your story. Engage and interact with your customers and clients. Grow your brand and business with your own podcast!

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Get to know Circle270Media Podcast Consultants and how we work, and let's begin to explore your business' interest in podcasting.

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Podcasting News and Podcast Updates

The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary

Without further delay, the producers of The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary are releasing the documentary into the public domain for all podcasters to enjoy the world over on International Podcast Day! Enjoy! Excited to have this movie that was distributed via iTunes and Amazon Prime shared out to the world. Thanks to Chris Krimitsos.

The Power of Branded Podcasts

PRESS RELEASE — September 25, 2019 Branded podcasts are an effective means of advertising and a powerful addition to the marketing mix. They generate real cut-through with audiences – particularly ad avoiders. In addition, their impact increases when the listener is engaged in other tasks, which is true for 94% of podcast listeners, and therefore represents […]

Podcast Ad Spending Approaching $1 Billion

Podcasting is poised to become a billion-dollar ad category, according to new estimates published by IPG Mediabrands’ Magna unit this week. The research and marketplace intelligence unit projects U.S. podcast ad spending will reach $960 million next year and will top $1 billion in 2022. While podcast advertising doesn’t threaten to supplant conventional radio ad […]