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Your business needs to craft and tell compelling stories to grow revenue and increase impact.  People are moved to action by stories much more than anything else.

Own your story.  Engage and interact with your customers and clients. Grow your brand and business with your own podcast!



The podcast consultants at Circle270Media have over 30+ years of experience in Marketing, Content Creation, Audio Production/Recording, and Broadcasting. We are extremely excited to bring these worlds together with podcasting. 

We work with businesses to publish curated audio content, with a  targeted audience in mind.

Business branding, business message control, and audience targeting are key elements of podcasting. Podcasting is a powerful medium produced correctly and strategically.

New or established Podcasters (individuals, entrepreneurs, small to large businesses, associations, or non-profits), Contact Us if you are needing help with growth and reach.

Advertisers, if you have an interest in sponsoring one or more of our podcasters, or podcasts outside of our podcast partners, please Contact Us as well. We can help you make your sponsorship more effectively.

We are based in Columbus, OH / Central Ohio, and work with podcasters across the country.

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Get Serious About Monetizing Your Podcast

Podcasters are ill-prepared to monetize their podcast. Most podcast monetization programs and webinars skip over the basics of the sales process, how to deal with objections, and understanding who your competition is. In this book, I’ve detailed out the most common objections I have encountered over my 35-year radio advertising sales career. I have also supplied answers to these common objections that will keep your prospect talking. With every objection comes an opportunity to start a conversation to lead you steps closer to a “sign on the dotted line” moment. Thanks for purchasing the book, and I look forward to hearing your success stories!