Why Aren’t You Podcasting?

Oh, the many ways podcasting can help you and your business.

  1. Increases traffic to your website.  With podcast show notes that include your website address, you’ll also include your website address in blog posts from the podcast.
  2. Establishes yourself as an expert in your marketplace.  You control the conversation.  Tell the listener what they need to know about you, your company, your services or product – with no interruption.
  3. Generates leads.  You have the listener “leaning in” to your podcast.  Now tell them what you want them to do!
  4. Generates more customers.  Podcasts allow you to get in front of potential customers in a new way, even in social media channels or blog posts you’ve already been using.  They begin to “see” you differently because now they hear you.
  5. Builds brand loyalty. You control your business story.  Tell the listener all about you, and what you do.  They hear you tell your story, not read it.  You make your business come to life.
  6. Establishes credibility and trust.  I’m sure along the way, you’ve had to overcome a client’s problem, and that client has probably become your biggest fan.  Why not have that client as a guest on your podcast, and have them tell your podcast listeners why they love you.
  7. Further develops relationships.  Extension of #6.  What client or vendor wouldn’t love to be interviewed on a podcast.  We all love to talk about ourselves and our business.
  8. Dramatically expands your online footprint.  Your podcast not only lives in Apple Podcasts, but it can and will be available in every major podcast player available.  And don’t forget YouTube.  Creative podcasters play the “Google game” and get their podcast formatted into a video version, and let that search engine work even harder for their business.
  9. Creates fresh SEO content for your site.  Publishing often keeps your website fresh and active.
  10. Quickly sets you apart from your competition.  They aren’t publishing a podcast…yet.

For more ideas on how podcasts can work for you and your business, give Circle270Media a call or email.  This is what we do. 1-614-859-0670.  Mention this post as a reference.

About the author: Brett Johnson

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