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Radio Syndication Service Launches For Podcasts

PRESS RELEASE — July 24, 2019

UK audio production and syndication company Distorted is launching a brand new service that will give podcasters the opportunity to have their shows aired on radio stations around the world, and enable broadcasters to enhance the variety and scope of their output with regular sports, comedy, culture, politics, technology and entertainment programmes.

Distorted is the world’s biggest supplier of specialist music shows to radio, working with over 600 international partner radio stations and networks with a combined audience of over 200 million listeners, and will shortly be opening their services to the podcasting community. The Leeds based team makes weekly programmes in multiple languages for stations across Europe, North America, Russia, Australia, China and the Middle East, including Sirius XM, iHeart, Spotify, Slam, FG, Fun Radio, British Airways, Kiss and many more. Through their content distribution portal they deliver over 8 million podcast listens per month.

Director Andi Durrant:

“For the past 6 years we’ve been working hard to build our music portfolio and we’re now proud to produce and distribute over 65 shows for some amazing artists like deadmau5, Defected, Don Diablo, Paul van Dyk and many more. We’ve also been dipping our toes into non-music programming including the award-winning Health Uncovered podcast with the NHS and our own documentaries and sports shows like Netball Nation. We opened our own podcast studio earlier this year and have been blown away by some of the talent dropping in to record both passion projects and large commercial endeavours.

As we’ve grown our relationship with so many different radio stations we’ve learned there’s a huge demand for high quality speech-based shows, but limits on budget, time and talent mean that many just end up filling schedules with playlist music or repeated programmes. We know there’s lots of highly creative and forward thinking Content Managers and Station Directors who would love to have a regular sports, comedy or film review shows as part of their output, but currently don’t have the available expert talent or budget. Some might be looking for an evening documentary series to air, a regular travel programme, or a weekly delve into news and politics.

As the world of on-demand audio, podcasting and user-generated content continues to grow, traditional radio is also adapting and reinventing. It feels like the right time for the industry, and a natural step for us to connect the 2 worlds. We hope it will benefit both creators and broadcasters in the long run.”

If you’re a podcaster and would like to discuss how to get your show onto the radio for a small monthly syndication fee, or you’re a radio station looking to broaden the scope of your schedule with some amazing new talent, please get in touch for a chat on

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