The Headline Read: The Problem With Podcasting Is Not Discovery

It’s an article by Mark Ramsey, a veteran media strategist, researcher, and trend-maker who has worked with numerous media, publishing, and digital brands.

I think he has nailed it with his article.

In a nutshell – discovery is not a problem because most consumers don’t want to discover anything. Discovery is work, it’s a chore.

Distribution is the problem. By “distribution,” he doesn’t mean the fact that your show is available on all platforms at all times.

No, “distribution” means putting content in the way of attention. That means tapping into where attention already exists.

Great example. I don’t subscribe to The Tim Ferriss Show podcast. Probably should, as 300,000 other entrepreneurs do.  But I already have my core of business podcasts.

Until this week.  He posted on LinkedIn (“in the way of attention”) his latest podcast entitled When to Quit – Lessons from World-Class Entrepreneurs, Investors, Authors, and More.

This one caught my attention because of this theme – “Where’s the line between stubbornly pursuing an idea that isn’t working and the patience and persistence needed to actually make it work? In other words — when should you give up and quit and when should you push on?”

For me, right time, right “quality content” topic, right “distribution” channel.

Don’t get sucked into the conversation of “woe is me, I’ve got great content, I’ve published for over two years, but no one is downloading my podcasts.”

Get in front of your audience, shake them by the throat, and ask them gently to subscribe and follow you.

Need some help brainstorming ideas on how to use this?  Here is link to my calendar to book a time with me!


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