Strategy Analytics Report Finds In-Car Terrestrial Radio at Risk

Streaming and satellite radio are the new “must-haves” for media in the dash.

Strategy Analytics surveyed car owners in the US, Western Europe, and China regarding their usage of in-car infotainment sources, and their interest in infotainment features for their next car. 

Although AM/FM radio remains a “must-have,” digital media has caught up with or surpassed it among certain key car-buying segments.  In the US, satellite radio and streaming music services have made remarkable in-roads among specific age brackets. 

“The UX of embedded systems still does not exceed smartphone mirroring systems, essentially driving car owners to CarPlay and Android Auto leaving infotainment devoid of any brand differentiation,” commented Derek Viita, senior analyst and report author. “Given these shifting infotainment usage habits and consumers’ shifting interest in what is a ‘must-have’ for the next car purchase, designers and product planners must tread carefully in future product lines.”

These shifts in usage and interest will have immediate and long-term impacts for in-car user interface design.

“As more mirroring systems come to market in high-volume cars, and more non-early-adopting segments are exposed to them, their limitations are becoming apparent,” the report stated. “But despite this, most embedded systems still do not provide better UX [user experience] than smartphone mirroring systems.”

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