Smart Speaker Report from NPR and Edison Research

Before you read this, or click on the link to read the entire study – understand moving forward, as a business looking at podcasting as an advertising option, or publishing a podcast to enhance your business’ sales funnel…bottom line – smart speakers will increasingly be in our homes, offices, autos, and appliances. In just a few short years it will be making a huge impact. Your customers, your clients, now control what they want to see and hear on THEIR schedules. Your marketing efforts will need to address this state of life.

Amazon Echo and Google Home – smart speakers – are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. A new, first of its kind, study from NPR and Edison Research showcases an in-depth look at how and why smart speaker owners are using these devices in their home.

Overall, the study has three general areas of interest.

Smart Speakers Are Increasingly Essential To Every Day Life

On average, owners say they use as smart speaker for 7.5 common tasks during the week.

And once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. 65% of the smart speaker owners say they would NOT GO BACK to life before getting one.

Smart Speakers Encourage More Audio Listening

The study reveals that 70% of smart speaker owners are listening to more audio at home. This audio includes:

  • 90% listen to music
  • 77% news and information
  • 67% hear better music than on AM/FM counterparts
  • 40% podcasts

Smart Speakers Make Life Easier

Owners are using the devices to manage their homes, like control lighting, home security, HVAC, and sprinklers to name a few tasks.

Also note – owners are influencers. 69% have encouraged family and friends to purchase smart speakers for their homes.

Smart speakers are one of the fastest growing in-home technologies on the market, and the voice listening technology will soon be showing up on your refrigerators and appliances.

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