Sell Through Storytelling

Earning a prospect’s trust is a necessity when it comes to selling podcast sponsorships.

Look at this from your own perspective.  It’s only natural to want to make a connection with the person you’re buying something from – that you know your needs are understood and that your needs mean more to them than the just sale.

So, inking that podcast sponsorship depends on your ability to make your prospect feel as though their unique story is being heard.

The key here is understanding. From the perspective of a buyer, when they feel understood, communication with you is more natural and they tend to feel a level of trust.

Once that trust is established, they’re more open to hearing your story about how reaching your podcast audience can solve their business challenges.

You’re allowing them to be able to say “yes” without feeling pushed.

Sell Stories, Not Podcasts

One of the most effective ways to make sure you gain their trust is to ensure that you are thinking about their company, their products, and their potential customers as stories.

In StoryBranding, authored by Jim Signorelli, he notes that we’re living in a time of unprecedented buyer knowledge and skepticism because of the easy access to marketing information (or misinformation) on the Internet.

In order to get the sponsorship, he points out, you need to connect with buyers on an emotional level.

People respond to great stories. And what do podcasters do best? Tell stories. Selling is no different.

Learn how to effectively sum up the value of your podcast’s audience and how sponsoring your podcast will lessen their marketing “pain point.”  Storytelling is an effective tactic you can use today, and its impact you’ll see tomorrow.

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