Publishing Your Podcast Notes – More Important Than You Think

Publishing your podcast notes, outside of your podcast, is a powerful search engine tool.

Creating a set of podcast notes is the best way to get it noticed on search engines. No search engine can currently scan and rank audio (or image) material, so the quality of the written content on your website is very important.

Following are tips for creating the best podcast notes, for how it is indexed by Google and other search engines, and more importantly, how it is read by the audience. Over time, you’ll find that your podcast notes will increase the number of visitors to your website, and increase your audience engagement.

1. An Outline

An outline can be an effective tool for creating your podcast notes and summaries. It helps you see the podcast structure and prevents you from missing specific topics that are important to the online content.

Keep in mind, the outline needs to be brief. Use topic headers, and then the key points.

2. Create Your Notes As You Listen To Your Podcast On A Computer

Don’t rely on your memory. You’ll miss items. Or worse, you’ll create content that is not exactly what is on the podcast.

Timesaver Tip – Don’t handwrite the notes. It’s slower and less efficient.

3. Keep SEO In Mind

To be found on search engines, you need to think about SEO. There are several quick search engine optimization tricks you can use that will gain you a quick boost in the rankings. These don’t include keyword stuffing, link farming or other black hat techniques. These posts need to include the keywords associated with your podcast.

Tip – You should never have a keyword at a density of more than a 1.5-2% mark.

4. Images

The human eye is drawn to images. They convey the message you want more potently than hundreds of words. For example, if you have a diagram that was referenced in the podcast, use that instead of writing out the explanation.

5. Call To Action

The ultimate goal is traffic to your website or at least social media. Always, always, always place your podcast embed player at the top of the page.  And then your content needs to encourage an action..a sentence placed at the bottom of the piece or a button somewhere else.  Have a social or comment call to action at the bottom of the content.

6. Editing

You will need to edit your website content. There’s no way around it. Use Grammarly as a tool.

Tip – When writing content and editing it, always consider the visitor first before Google.

7. Plan And Be Consistent

You need to plan how you want to create your podcast notes, summaries and transcripts. Be consistent with your publication style. If you are writing notes with section headers, this should be on all your podcast notes. Experiment on your first attempt and then settle on the option that you prefer.

Now, get writing!

Getting your podcast seen involves creating content online through your podcast notes, summaries and transcripts. This content is found and indexed by Google and other search engines. They can be a stepping stone for your audience to download your podcast. Make this part of your workflow. Following the tips above can better prepare you.

Contact me if you have questions about how and why to focus on podcast notes and transcriptions.  Shoot me an email at


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