Podcast With Purpose, For You And Your Business


Why are you creating a podcast for your business?

Whatever your reason(s) are, you should be constantly aware of what those reasons are, because they are keys to not only personal satisfaction but your business success.

One important way to measure how your podcast is stacking up is measuring it against its mission statement. In other words, is your podcast doing what you want it to do for your business?

You have a mission statement for your business. If you don’t have a mission statement for your podcast, let’s fix that.


Create A Podcast Mission Statement, For You and Your Business

The whole process could take you anywhere from 15 minutes to two weeks.  There is no perfect amount of time for the process, as long as you go through the process.

Grab a notebook, journal, pen and paper, laptop, whatever you use to help you think and process information. This will work better for you to find a place that you won’t be disturbed or distracted.

Think about where you are now with your podcast (Today) and where you want to be (Tomorrow). While Today is right now, Tomorrow is your vision. What action(s) do you need to take, or what do you need to change to get you from Today to Tomorrow? How can you make this vision for your podcast a reality?

Do some brainstorming on this for up to 20 minutes.

Now, take about another 20 minutes to make a list of the qualities you value, the things that mean the most to you personally. Start with 10 or so values.  These could include things like family, wealth, kindness, loyalty, integrity, fun, hard work, etc. They don’t have to anything with the podcast. The time you put into this exploration of your values will serve as the guiding principles to help you accomplish your mission.

Narrow down that list of values to three. Use the process of elimination to cross out “secondary values” until you have three core values remaining.

Write about how those three core values will help you live out or reach your vision (see step 2). It might help if you define what each of these values means to you.

Make it actionable. Craft a statement. “I am” or “I will.” This will express your core values through your podcast to accomplish your vision. Take your time, and go through several drafts. When you’re done, you’ll have a mission statement for your podcast.


Purposefully Podcasting, For You and Your Business

Now that you went through all of that work, post your mission statement somewhere you can easily reference it.

You can then use your mission statement to:

  • Remind you of your show’s purpose when hit the wall
  • Understand your own business story
  • Make the hard decisions when you have to, like turning down a interview guest, or being a guest on someone else’s podcast that doesn’t match your mission and business direction
  • Guide you toward your podcasting goals
  • Remind you that you what you are producing is good for you and your business


Set an appointment with yourself every six months to review your mission statement. It’s healthy and good practice to review.  If no changes are made, or you tweak it here and there, the better your next six months will be.  You and your business change over time as well. Your podcast needs to be right there with the changes.


About the author: Brett Johnson

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