Podcast Safe Music Options For Your Podcast

Adding music to podcast content has always been a sticky question.  Will iTunes “take you down” for including music that’s not podcast safe music?

First and foremost, if this is a concern you have with adding music to your podcast, ask yourself if adding music will make it a better podcast for your listeners?


If the addition of music to your podcast is just something you think will be cool, or would add some hipness to your podcast, or you want your podcast to sound like a radio show, or you just want to freshen up the sound of your podcast, ultimately adding music is just a crutch.

Focus on the content, and you’ll start to realize the adding music really isn’t the fix you think it will be for your podcast.

Now, that being said, using music in a podcast is a great element to incorporate, once you find the right music that fits your podcast, and you are using it to create value for your listeners.  There are numerous sources you can go to that offer free or low cost, peace of mind, royalty-free music.  Here are some options.

Have you found a great resource?  Send me an email and I will update this, what will become, an ever-growing list!  circle270media+podmusic@gmail.com.  I will give you and your podcast a shout out in my weekly email Open The Mic newsletter!


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