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I get at a minimum of 12 pitches each month for a podcast I help produce called Business Inspires. It is crazy how many people want to be on the podcast.

But the reality is the podcast has a specific target guest and audience.

The requests are all similar. It is all about them. It is “look at what I have done” or “you must have me on your show.” The requests are coming mostly from PR companies. Most are boring and don’t have value to our podcast.

And you can tell they haven’t researched the podcast or listened to one episode.

If you’re looking to be a guest on a podcast, here are a few tips that, for your part, ensure that what you have to offer fits what the targeted podcast is trying to accomplish.

1. Rating and Reviews on iTunes and other platforms are huge (screenshot them and let them know you love the show); send it in an email – no pitch to be on the podcast.
2. Send them a tweet praising the show. Be specific and show that you genuinely know about the podcast, you’ve listened to the podcast and like it – no pitch to be on the podcast.
3. Share the show on Twitter, and include the guest and host handles – no pitch to be on the podcast.
4. Send an email stating how much you like the show – no pitch to be on the podcast.
5. Send an email suggesting a topic – no pitch to be on the podcast.

Keep doing these until you get noticed. Even a “thank you” is great.

Then engage in a conversation.


  • Give something first
  • Praise what they create
  • Don’t pitch yourself until you have connected at some level.
  • Offer up how you would be a value to their listeners

About the author: Brett Johnson

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