How To Get Podcast Guests To Cross Promote

You’re a podcaster that interviews guests. You’re doing so because of the content, or the chance to interview people you’ve always wanted to interview. The podcast gives you that opportunity.

You ask guests to your podcast because they bring value to you, to your audience, and you’re hoping that your guest will promote the episode and help you build your audience as well.


Working with interview-focused podcasters over the past couple of years, I’m noticing that there’s not much sharing going on.

It could be two-fold. There are so many interview podcasts out there, and that’s great. They are good, and I’m glad that the genre is growing. There are a lot of interview potentials, lots of topics to cover, and lots of good people to talk to.

But because of that, there are so many people on so many shows. Your guest may be on two or three podcasts this week. And two to three the next.  And three the next. One the next.  And that guest is kind of spreading thin. So they’re available on a lot of different guest-focused podcasts, and your interview, YOUR PODCAST, could get buried.

What can you do to get that guest engaged to help? So they will help promote you and your podcast?

Consider this.

As you normally would, publish the episode, and send an email to the guest with the link.  And then, in the body of the email, let’s write something like this…

“We’ve learned after X amount of episodes (or X amount of seasons) of our podcast, the most effective way to get the most web traffic from being on our show is to write a short blog post on your site. We’ll then promote that blog post on our social media back to your site. That gets you more traffic to your website, and gets you more listeners discovering your interview on our podcast. And to make it even easier, we can write the blog post for you! Just hit reply and let us know.”

How can that guest say no to that?

The blog post is no more than two, three, four sentences max.

“Hey, I had a great time being a guest on X podcast. We got to cover my time in Hawaii (and why I would go back in a heartbeat), why I am such a candy corn freak, why The Game of Life is still my go-to board game with my family, and how I stay in shape while I’m on the road.  Here’s the link to the podcast.”

It’s beneficial in so many ways for your guest and for you.

It provides site traffic.

It provides additional engagement with your guest.

You are on your guest’s website.

And here’s the key thing – you get website back-links from every single guest you’ve had on your podcast, back to your podcast. It’s beneficial for both you, and you’re willing to take the work out of your guest’s hands in offering a blog piece.

It’s a win-win.

Recorded in Studio C at the 511 Studios in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH.

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