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Podcasting is a fantastic medium to connect with your audience, regardless of the type of your business, your brand, or your goals are in creating content. Podcast listeners all have the same goals: to be entertained, educated, or inspired.

But, since podcasting is mostly a one-way means of communicating, it’s difficult for content creators to know how their content is resonating with listeners.

Looking at other similar content types,  blog posts you can look at email opt-ins, pageviews, comments, or Time On Page as a guide for how much each blog resonated with your readers. With a YouTube channel, you have Comments, Likes, or  Average Listening Duration to gauge how well each video is doing with your audience.

There are just 2 ways with podcasting to indicate whether a show is moving the needle with your listeners: downloads and ratings/reviews.

For the new podcaster – Ratings and Reviews, for the most part, is referencing those ratings/reviews within iTunes. Other podcast platforms are allowing for some ratings and reviews. But at this time, iTunes is the only platform of any consequence, garnering 60-70% of all podcast listening taking place on iOS devices.


Asking for A Rating And Review

Why should you ask for a rating and review for your podcast? Because they are valuable in so many ways…




  • Create impact for your podcast’s ranking within iTunes
  • It’s the social proof aspect of growing your audience – share Ratings and Reviews from other listeners with your audience on social media
  • It’s not easy to leave a review – submitted ratings and reviews show that you have an active audience
  • Get more listeners – listeners want to read other listeners’ opinions on what they think about your podcast
  • Help people discover your podcast – let others talk about your podcast.
  • It generates genuine listener feedback – again, it’s not easy to leave a review or comment, so the listeners’ efforts are emotionally driven
  • Idea creation for upcoming podcasts – podcast episodes that elicit more comments and reviews are more of what you should continue to create
  • A public “Thank You” you can use upcoming episodes – everybody loves the sound of their own name
  • Testimonials for your website – you have a website to help you be more visible, so let your listeners tell your story
  • Testimonials for your podcast media kit – which leads to the next point…
  • Advertisers love proof of a call-to-action audience

You focus a lot of your energy on the downloads aspect of your podcast, but do you think about how to encourage your listeners to give a Rating and Review for your show? It’s something every podcaster can do better with.


Best Practices for Getting More Podcast Reviews

There are action steps you can take to set your show up for success when it comes to Ratings and Reviews. The most important is to educate your listeners how, and where, they can leave a review.


Have a strong Call-To-Action (CTA):

First, do this in the Outro segment for every episode. Create a strong CTA “ask” at the end of each episode, to encourage listeners to go to iTunes and leave a Rating and/or Review for the show.

Plus, don’t forget your show notes for each episode. Creating a standard CTA for listeners to leave that same Rating and Review is crucial. Create several templates of the language you want to use so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you publish an episode. Get a system that works for you. Make it part of your workflow. You’ll appreciate the ease of publishing and your audience will love the consistency in your podcast.

Reward Listeners for Leaving Reviews

This can be incorporated at any time during your podcast marketing strategy. When it comes to asking someone to do something for you, a little “thanks, and here’s my thanks to you” goes a long way. What can you offer your listeners for them to leave a Rating or Review for your podcast?

The items you offer up are really just gestures of your appreciation more than things of immense value. But they mean a lot to your listeners.

Have a dedicated Review tutorial page

Our podcast client Plant Talk Radio is using a great ratings and review tool that walks listeners through exactly how to leave a Rating and Review for Plant Talk Radio podcast in iTunes.



Complete with customized annotated screenshots, this is an easy step-by-step guide to walk anyone through the process, even if it’s their first time. And it’s easily inserted in the podcast because it’s called: 


Want to grow, to be found more easily?  Help your audience tell others about your podcast.  

Start today. For more information about how to get more ratings and reviews for your podcast, contact us at Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.  We will also get you more information about as well.


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