Enhanced Apple Podcasts Categories

July 24, 2019

Dear Podcast Provider, 

We want to share the following updates regarding the forthcoming changes to categories on Apple Podcasts. 

As a reminder, you can now either manually update your RSS feed, or work with your hosting provider to modify the category selections of your existing shows. 

Moreover, starting today, you can submit new RSS feeds in Podcasts Connect with the updated category values announced at WWDC 2019. Should your hosting provider not yet have the updated categories available, you can still submit new RSS feeds using the discontinued categories until further notice. 

Specify the category and subcategory, if applicable, that most closely reflect the content of your show. 

Changes to the enhanced Apple Podcasts categories are scheduled to go live later this summer. In preparation for that, the category menu may be temporarily removed. Continue to explore Resources and Help to stay up to date. 

The Apple Podcasts team

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