Driving the Cbus

In this episode, Driving the Cbus host Scott McComb talks with Zachary Woodruff, currently serving as Director of Development & Public Service for the City of Whitehall, Ohio.

Woodruff is focusing his efforts on job growth and expansion, and negotiating development agreements leading to more than $100 million in new private investment, and building personal relationships with business leaders and members of the community.

He is taking the lead on bringing businesses such as Heartland Bank and Wasserstrom to build new corporate headquarters in the city.

He is instrumental in the reinvention of the Broad & Hamilton intersection, a major gateway into the city of Whitehall named Norton Crossing. This mixed-use development being constructed at that intersection, is the most significant redevelopment effort in Whitehall’s history.

Featuring insights from individual contributors from all corners, nooks and crannies of the Columbus, Ohio region, Scott McComb, Chairman & CEO of Heartland Bank, has a goal to get to the why of our evolving and eclectic environment.  Check back often for updates to the list of the latest interviews with some of the area’s most interesting individuals who are ‘Driving the CBus’!

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