ART19 and Veritonic Study Targets (And Hypertargets) Podcast Listeners

Podcast technology company ART19 sent out a notice describing results of a podcast audience ad targeting study, conducted by audio intelligence company Veritonic. The purpose was to test effectiveness, as defined by recall, relevancy, and intent/likelihood to purchase. The upshot is that targeting did increase recall and effectiveness, and the lift increased with more precise […]

Broadcasters Meet Podcasters?

Broadcasters Meet Podcasters? transcript powered by Sonix—the best audio to text transcription service Broadcasters Meet Podcasters? was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the latest audio-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors. Sonix is the best way to convert your audio to text in 2019. Brett: As you know, Marty, Broadcasters Meet Podcasters, a track this […]