9 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are the most critical time of the workweek.

They set the stage for the day and week ahead.

Most successful people are keenly aware of the typical Monday mornings full of unanticipated events, overflow of communications, and general chaos.  You need to gain control and stay upbeat.

From Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How To Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job, by Lynn Taylor, here are 8 things successful people do on Monday mornings.  And they can easily apply to any work situation, in-office or your home office.

Oh yeah, and a bonus 9th.

1) Wake up early and exercise.

This gets your circulation going and helps you stay alert, putting you at an advantage for a productive week ahead. Get those endorphins pumped, and help your mood as well.

2) Eat a healthy breakfast.

On Monday morning, you want to handle everything you have control over. Eating a breakfast is one of those things. And it keeps you from staring at the clock waiting for lunchtime!

3) Update your to-do list and goals.

Get yourself current on priorities and tasks.  Set five to eight goals for the week.  Then take pride in accomplishing those goals when completed.

4) Visualize the week’s successes.

By envisioning the positive outcomes of various projects, you can work backward and determine the necessary steps to get your desired results.

5) Screen your emails for urgent requests.

You can sink into the email “rabbit hole” if you don’t scan your inbox for urgency.

6) Tackle the touch challenges first.

The least desirable but critical projects are easy to put off, but your energy is stronger in the morning, so that’s the ideal time to confront the most difficult assignments.

7) Stay focused.

Successful people don’t dwell on challenging events that occurred over the weekend or other frivolous thoughts.

8) Remember that there is a Tuesday.

The world won’t cave in on you if you don’t solve all Monday’s problems. Certain tasks can wait. Or you may find that certain problems will resolve themselves.

9) Start your week on Sunday.

So, if Monday just doesn’t seem to get it done for you, why not start your week on Sunday?  Learn more about this idea from When Does Your Weekend…End? from Don The Idea Guy & The Idea Department.


Monday mornings can be a challenge – you up for it?!



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