9 Questions That Need Answered Before You Podcast

If your podcast doesn’t provide a clear perceived benefit and value right from the start, the chance of garnering a following is pretty limited. 


What is the podcast about? Can you tell someone what your podcast is about in 15-seconds?

Why this podcast? Why this topic? Are you knowledgeable?  Are you an authority?  Do you have credibility?

Why this podcast now? What has changed to make the timing right?

What makes this podcast different/unique? Are there others in the category?  What would make a listener subscribe to you rather than them?

What makes this podcast better than others in the category? 

People click on podcasts with an expectation What will they learn, feel? Will they think, laugh, or cry?

Who is going to listen to this podcast?   Who is your target listener?  Their age?   

How will the podcast be discovered? Social media? Broadcast? Blog?  Targeted cross-marketing?

What is your commitment level to publish on a regular schedule? Do you have a publishing plan in place to keep you on track?


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About the author: Brett Johnson

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