6 Job Search Podcasts for Job Seekers

Podcasts with a focus on job searching can be inspiring and insightful resources if you’re in the market for flexible work.


Podcasts connect employers and future employees

Finding job search podcasts that strike just the right note at just the right moment can make a huge difference in your job search success.



I am working with a non-profit, Employment for Seniors, that provides employers free job posting services, reaching thousands of clients throughout Central Ohio. EFS also provides clients who are 50 years of age and older free employment services, including guidance and support from a Volunteer Job Counselor and job referrals from their Job Match System.

In late 2016 we began a podcast called The Successful Encore Career.  In this series we have recently added a new element, spotlighting hiring events that paid for by the employer specifically needing to fill full-time or part-time positions, targeting adults 50+, and are hosted at the EFS offices.

The results – each hiring event has exceeded the employers’ expectation in response and qualified leads at the hiring event…and for EFS, an increase in the awareness of the podcast, as well as an increase in our number of downloads – 2x-2.5x our normal download numbers.

This is a great example of how podcasting works for both sides of the employment coin – the employers and the job seekers.

That got me to searching other job search podcasts out there, those that are helping podcast listeners in their search for part-time jobs, remote positions, and other flexible scheduling options. I’ve come up with a few job search podcasts that may be useful for employers, recruiting agencies, and recruitment marketing and communications agencies working with employers, that are looking for examples of what works.

Check out these six job search podcasts for job seekers…

The Voice of Job Seekers

Dedicated to helping “unemployed, under-employed, and under-appreciated job seekers,” The Voice of Job Seekers focuses on trending career areas and trying to help users manage the minutiae that comes with looking for work. Mark Anthony Dyson is the host, producer, and career consultant behind this podcast.

Accidental Creative

Weekly podcasts at Accidental Creative have focused on topics like getting things done, defining excellence, the power of small actions, and making work matter. Focused on helping creative professionals be “brilliant,” Accidental Creative was founded by Todd Henry, an author who specializes in helping people “exploit” creative insight.

48 Days

With a mission to help job seekers find “their true calling and path,” 48 Days tries to help listeners find their path within…48 days! Host Dan Miller focuses on offering a “creative thinking” approach to help people find purposeful, profitable daily work.

Happen to Your Career

With a focus on career changers, Happen to Your Career aims to help users find the work that they were meant to do. Founded by Scott Barlow, Happen to Your Career works to help people identify their strengths and passions as a basis for finding meaningful careers.

Well Kept Wallet

Taking a somewhat broader approach, Well Kept Wallet works to help users focus not just on their career path, but on money and lifestyle issues. Typical podcasts include conversations with successful people who love what they do. Deacon Hayes, the founder of Well Kept Wallet, has a background as a financial coach.


If you’re interested in working from home, this podcast is like a masterclass in how companies approach remote and distributed working. Hear remote company leaders discuss how they hire and manage remote workers. Hosted by Jeff Robbins.

Do you know of a great job search podcasts for job seekers? Share your favorites with us! email me at circle270media+jobseekers@gmail.com and I will update my blog, and give you a special shout-out in a future podcast!

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