5 Steps To Get Approval For Your Company Podcast Project

Everyone wants innovation in their company, but getting a new idea implemented can be a challenge, especially when office politics are in play.

When you’re trying to get approval for your latest innovation idea, like a company podcast, follow these five steps.

  1. Anticipate resistance. If you know what people might object to, you can plan how you’ll address those concerns.
  2. Understand what objections are truly about. For example, someone might say they object because of a publicly acceptable reason — say, the project is too costly — when their real concern is political, like they’re afraid their team will lose influence.
  3. Find a champion for the project. This should be a senior executive whose clout and expertise can help you move the project forward.
  4. Gather a critical mass of supporters. If you have a group of people who believe in the innovation enough to try it, you’ll have social proof that the idea is a good one.
  5. Do your research. What other businesses in your category are doing podcasts. Is your competition publishing a podcast? How will your idea be different and effective for your company?


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