4 Easy Ways To Support YOUR Favorite Podcast

As podcasters, we’re constantly asking our listeners to help us promote our podcasts.

To give us an iTunes rating and review. To be part of our podcast social media landscape (think “likes”), follow us on any social media, or to go to our website and sign up for an email newsletter.

But are you supporting your own favorite podcasts?

Here are 4 easy ways to do it (and they could be included in your ask as well!)



1) Rate and review on iTunes. Take the time to focus on three of your favorite podcasts. Have you gone through the process of reviewing your favorite podcast on iTunes to see how easy or difficult it is to log in just to write a review? A little empathy for your own listeners can go a long way.

2) Review the podcast anywhere you can. On your Facebook page. Your Twitter account. If you write a blog, a small blog piece on your favorite podcast can go a long way. Make sure you post comments about the podcast anywhere online. Maybe it’s in a Facebook group about podcasts or members in a Facebook group you belong to that would be interested in knowing about the podcast.

3) Follow them on social media. LinkedIn if it is a business podcast.

4) Tell a friend (or 20) about the podcast. The encouragement, the excitement you show your friends at a party, restaurant, or at the office is important. Take advantage of the moment to show them how to find it on their phone. Or “talk up” the podcast so much it will make them search it out on their own.

Another thought on leaving a comment on social media. Just say “Hi!” to the podcast host or cast members via their personal social media. Tell them how much you like their work.

“Love your last episode! I thought you were talking directly to me!”

Follow them so you know what they do outside of the podcast as well.

You know how valuable it is to get feedback from your listeners. Knowing that your listeners are doing the same things that you’re doing, following what they’re following and that their interests are similar to yours. This can help you make your podcast even stronger for them.

And by doing the same for your favorite podcasts, you bring the same insight and audience value for them.

If you have any more ideas, shoot me an email at circle270media@gmail.com. I would love to have your input on other ways that you are helping your favorite podcasts. As well as things that you’re doing to encourage your listeners to give you some “love” as well.

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