A recent study by Sounds Profitable and Signal Hill Insights found that word-of-mouth is the most effective way for podcast listeners to learn about new shows.
The report on The Podcast Landscape used information from a May–June 2023 online survey of 2,400 US respondents who were 18 years of age or older. The respondents were questioned regarding their habits of listening to and consuming podcasts as well as their opinions of podcast hosts and the industry at large.
word-of-mouth continues to be the primary method of podcast discovery
55% of podcast listeners say that people in their social circle tell them about podcasts. The study shows that personal recommendations are still the main way people find podcasts.
In addition to word of mouth, the respondent stated that they also find podcasts through social media platforms: 48% through Youtube, 30% through internet searches, and 28% through Facebook.
According to Tom Webster, Partner at Sounds Profitable, “Identifying ‘The Persuadables’ and the behavioral and demographic traits they share is one of the most satisfying pieces of research I’ve done in 18 years of looking at the space. The Podcast Landscape in America represents the first serious effort to segment non-listeners and flesh out the reasons why people do or do not spend more time with podcasting.”
Paul Riismandel, Chief Insights Officer and Partner at Signal Hill Insights, noted, “This is critical research for the podcast industry and something I’ve wanted to see done for quite some time. It offers a guide for welcoming new audiences and enticing listeners to stay engaged with this dynamic medium.”
On August 24, 2023, Coleman Insights and Amplifi Media released findings from a research study of 1,000 15- to 64-year-old United States podcast consumers called “The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube.”
Three-quarters of respondents to a recent survey on the definition of “podcast” among Americans who listen to podcasts say it can be either audio or video.