Navigating Through Crisis, Pt 1

With guest Orelle Jackson, Limitless Growth Strategies

During these two episodes, Orelle will review the skills needed to be successful: maintaining leadership; moving through difficult situations mindfully; digging deep down to raise the skills and meet the needs; leading ourselves through transitions and crises.

Orelle has over twenty years of executive leadership experience and is recognized for developing and optimizing strategies, delivering high-value solutions and building strong relationships. Orelle served as the System Director of Community Health, Wellness and Development for one of Central Ohio’s largest Health Providers. 

Her areas of expertise include: Executive Coaching, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development, DISC Assessment, Career Transition Coaching, Facilitation, Strategic Planning, and Focus Groups

Now as the President of Limitless Growth Strategies, she is guiding individuals and organizations to successfully maneuver through changes and transitions with the goal to help unleash potential, just like the acorn growing into a mighty oak tree. 


Today we are going through so much uncertainty. We want to explore the phases we move through to reach emotional well-being and learn how can we creatively stay connected and move forward. Orelle gives us an overview on what Liminality is, and help through the various stages of crisis transition.

The Various Stages Of Crisis Transition

Everything Worthwhile Is Uphill

There is Always an Answer

Allow Adversity to Help You Discover Who You Are

Realize that Motions Influence Emotions

In Navigating Through Crisis, Pt 2, Orelle joins us again to complete the various stages of crisis transition.

You can contact Orelle on her LinkedIn page, or go to her website.

And of course everything can be found on our website, Looking Forward Our Way.

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