International Podcast Month (IPM) launches Indiegogo Campaign

PRESS RELEASE — July 1, 2019

IPM is back for a second year and it’s going to be spectacular.

With over 150 podcasters involved, before September even hits, IPM has already doubled its participant number from its first year. And with over 50 episodes expected of exclusive content, International Podcast Month aims to be an even greater success for its second year.

After months of organization, the second annual International Podcast Month has launched their Indiegogo Campaign. This campaign aims to cover the basic costs but also provide exciting giveaways for podcasters and listeners alike.

“IPM is an amazing opportunity for podcasters to work with and learn from people who inspire them, and for listeners to discover creators that they may have never come across otherwise,”​ says Therin Stapp (IPM Organizational Team Member), ​“IPM is also independently run and operated – it’s not tied to sponsorship dollars or any one single podcast network or collective.”

IPM is about collaboration across the podcasting community and introducing listeners to voices and stories they haven’t heard before. It’s about showcasing how talented creators in this community are and how important our stories are.

And it’s about highlighting marginalized creators: we’re building communities and extending the love to sharing listeners and boosting each other’s voices.

“I love to see creators of all sorts come together to celebrate what we love. This is a chance to not only showcase our own talents, but to support other creators! I love how everyone’s come together for this and to see the talent and creativity is humbling. I am honoured to be a part of IPM 2019, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else brings!” ​says Neon, host of Mise en Podcast.

About Us

IPM is a wonderful opportunity for podcasters to cross-promote, celebrate each other, and share the love of podcasting with the world. To celebrate, a collaboration of many diverse and inclusive podcasting folks will be creating Audio Drama/Fiction Minisodes, Creator Conversations, Non-Fiction Minisodes, RPG Actual-Play One-Shots, and contributing to a month-long blog.

2018 Statistics
75+ Podcasters Represented | 70+ Podcasts Represented | 5 Countries Represented | 15+ Blog Contributors | 36 Episodes in 30 Days | 10,000 Unique Downloads

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