Small Businesses Podcasting Group on LinkedIn

Welcome to Small Businesses Podcasting group on LinkedIn, where entrepreneur and small business podcasters can connect. This group is designed to help your entrepreneur or small business podcast connect with others just like you.

One of the many ways to increase listenership is to be a guest on other podcasts similar to your own.

My goal for this group is to help you network, ask for guests, tell the group you are available as a guest, talk about your podcast successes, and share stories about other business podcasts. 

Circle270Media looks forward to having you join and grow with us!




There are just 2 ways with podcasting to indicate whether a show is moving the needle with your listeners: downloads and ratings/reviews.

iTunes is the only platform of any consequence, garnering 60-70% of all podcast listening taking place on the Apple Podcast player.

How will my PleaseReviewMyPodcast page encourage Ratings & Reviews?

By giving your listeners step-by-step instructions on how to leave you a valuable review! Watch the video below, or review our sample page here.

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pCloud is now the go-to cloud backup for all of Circle270Media podcast productions.  We’ve “drop”-ped the “box” for this easier-to-use, economical alternative.  Backup your Wordpress website, get all your audio in one place, and enjoy the savings.  Click on the button above to find out more.

Circle270Media has found that Stencil is the fastest way to create and share visual content on the web. 

With over 4 million images created with Stencil, we always find the perfect image to create podcast designs, social media posts, ad graphics, content marketing visuals, email images & more! 

1,500,000+ background photos, 2,200+ Google web fonts (or upload your own), 1,000,000+ icons and graphics, and we love this the best – easy-to-use Chrome extension!

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We have fallen in LOVE with Missinglettr. 

If you’re supporting your podcast with a blog, or you’re social media manager or just care about making the most of your content marketing efforts, then you’re going to want to check this out.

Missinglettr creates strategic, automatic social media campaigns that drive traffic to your website for an entire year. Leaving you to focus on what’s really important, creating your podcast!

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Circle270Media uses Sonix exclusively for all of our transcriptions. 

Why? Sonix is a fully automated transcription that is fast, simple, and affordable.

Some Sonix features include:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Easy uploading – Their drag-and-drop interface lets you securely upload your audio and video files in record time.
  • Fast transcription – Sonix’s automated algorithms will transcribe in less time than the length of your recording.
  • Email notifications – Sonix will send you an email when they are finished transcribing.

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