Podcasting And A Dental Conference Provide Information About Products

Conferences.  We all attend one or two a year, and probably, for the most part, can’t wait until the evening activities. But here’s one conference that a podcaster used to promote themselves, as well as products found at the event, and made the four-day event fun, and tons of post conference information and content.

The following is referenced from a press release written and posted by Michelle Strange, RDH, and co-host of the dental hygiene podcast, “A Tale of Two Hygienists” (ATOTH).

The podcast partnered with PennWell at this past August’s RDH Under One Roof conference in Chicago. The plan was to create relevant content for listeners and those who were unable to attend this year’s conference. This was the second year that ATOTH was able to attend the dental hygiene conference.

During the fun-filled, CE-packed four days, Andrew Johnston, RDH, and Michelle were able to conduct 16 interviews with some notable names in dental hygiene. Additionally, they interviewed representatives for Brasseler and Premier in a new edition of the podcast’s Booth Buzz.

Booth Buzz is an opportunity for companies to showcase their dental products or idea and record it for people who couldn’t make it to the conference. It also allows for the companies to highlight dental products, giving all the details that hygienists don’t get to learn about while hopping from booth to booth or hustling back to a course.

So what are you doing at your next conference?  If you have a booth, why not interview other exhibitors and offer the audio to them, to post on their website.  Why not interview attendees as they stop by your booth?  Get to know them, and send them the audio after the conference as a thank you for stopping by (what better way to follow up on a potential customer!).

What if you don’t have a booth, but are just an attendee?  Bring along a recorder and interview exhibitors.  If you currently have a podcast, follow up with the person you interviewed with a publish date.  If you are about to start a podcast, what better way to get podcast content than interviews!

A little background on ATOTH: “Andrew and I are hygienists who have been creating weekly podcasts for the hygiene profession since 2015. The show is fun and a little corny, but delivers amazing educational content in conversational form. The anchor to each episode is an interview by an industry expert or hygienist doing something out-of-the-box.”

Here’s a link to the original press release posting on Dentistry IQ.

Here’s a link to the ATOTH podcast on Apple Podcasts.