Master Your Podcast Interviewing Skills

Master Your Podcast Interviewing Skills : Recording in Studio C at the 511 Studios located in the Brewery District in downtown Columbus, Ohio, this is Note To Future Me. I'm Brett Johnson, owner and lead consultant at Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. : Master your podcast interviewing skills. Recording a good podcast interview is really harder than you think. […]

An FAQ for Google Podcasts App

What is Google Podcasts?     It’s an in-built, simple, podcast player. The player is pre-installed on every Android phone running 4.1 or above (that’s over 99%). The app is a free download from Google Play. It’s available worldwide. (It’s nothing to do with podcasts on Google Play Music). James Cridland does an excellent rewrite of the Google Podcasts FAQ – what […]

How To Get Podcast Guests To Cross Promote

You’re a podcaster that interviews guests. You’re doing so because of the content, or the chance to interview people you’ve always wanted to interview. The podcast gives you that opportunity. You ask guests to your podcast because they bring value to you, to your audience, and you’re hoping that your guest will promote the episode […]

6 Reasons To Add Podcasting To Your Content Marketing Strategy

6 Reasons To Add Podcasting To Your Content Marketing Strategy You own a business, you have some competition. Maybe your service or product is superior to others in your market. Maybe not. And you don’t want to enter into any pricing war with your competition. Instead, concentrate on making sure your target market knows that […]