85% of Podcast Listeners Consume All or Most of Episodes

In June, Apple announced (at their developers’ conference) that the next tune-up of their podcasting app (now called Apple Podcasts) will include some basic analytics capabilities; something that podcasters have been asking about for years from the podcast host.

According to Adopter Media, Apple hosts 70% of podcasts and up until now,  these requests have found a deaf ear, probably  because (and for good reason) they take the privacy of their users seriously.

The analytics provided will be aggregated (and anonymous) performance data, which we hope will encourage more opt-ins over time.

Podcasters were only able to see when a user downloaded an individual episode.  Analytics never showed if they dropped out a few minutes into it, or finished it completely.

In fact, Edison Research learned that 45% of people listened to “most” of the podcast.

Here is what we here at Circle270Media predict will happen once Apple releases this information… Now that podcasters will be able to see how listeners are interacting with their episodes, we’ll see more and more content experimentation, and a better understanding of how each genre or sub-genre is listened to… something that marketers and advertisers have been able to do for years on other social media platforms.

It’s been proven over and over, once you start providing content that listeners want and enjoy, they continue to download, and even begin sharing.  Advertisers follow listeners. This development can be a real game-changer in the podcasting world.

Takeaway for advertisers.  Podcasts sponsorship works best when the podcaster overwhelmingly understands and serves his or her audience. They know how to encourage their audience to take action for your sponsorship to work.  Don’t get lost in the analytics.  They are only a guide, a tool, to help the podcaster and you understand how best to market your message to the their listener base.